An exclusive (unrivaled), interactive, and boutique gathering of sport hosting industry professionals.

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What to expect at SPOHOX™


The Arena & Spo Ho X Scrum™

The Spo Ho Xperience™ program features top experts leading provocative discussions and tackling difficult topics impacting the sport hosting industry. 

Spo Ho X Field Trips™

Players sit less and move more by participating in offsite excursions showcasing local venues and other ‘off the beaten track’ sites that demonstrate creative sport hosting.

Spo Ho X Skillz Competition™

Players get to showcase their competitive edge in this semi-competitive arena where teamwork and networking collide. 

Xtra Innings™

Our late-night lounge is the perfect backdrop for relaxed conversations, new friendships, and unexpected collaborations.

Spo Ho X D8s™

Eligible destinations and their hosting / supplier partners and pre-qualified sport event organizers meet one-on-one to explore sport event hosting partnerships.





October 11 – 12, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario • Canada



October 28 – 29, 2024

Charlottetown, PEI • Canada



Dates TBA

Location TBA





Spo Ho Xperience™ has been designed for DISRUPTERS, FORWARD-THINKERS, and CHANGEMAKERS who represent destinations, sport event organizers, venues, hospitality & travel professionals, and the education sector of the sport hosting industry.

A carefully curated group of attendees (aka the ‘Players’) gather at SPOHOX™ to CHANGE the game and score BIG in the sport hosting industry.

Attendance at Spo Ho Xperience™ is by invite only with strict limits on attendance numbers (quality over quantity) and an intentional balance between events rights holders, suppliers, and destination partners.

It’s intimate.

It’s buzzy.

It’s edgy.

It’s fun.



SPOHOX™ was born out of the desire to LEVEL UP Canada’s sport hosting game.

It’s a place where sport hosting professionals can openly share different perspectives, explore new opportunities, and think beyond the status quo.

Known for its unique, boutique feel and personalized VIP experiences, SPOHOX™ delivers intimate and meaningful connections and business development between some of North America’s top sport tourism talent.




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PAST speakers

Oorbee Roy

Oorbee Roy

Social Media Influencer & Motivational Speaker

Justin Kingsley

Justin Kingsley

Creative Director, Writer, Filmmaker

Shireen Ahmed

Shireen Ahmed

Senior Contributor - CBC Sports & Sports Activist

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Executive Director - CBC Sports

Natalie Allport

Natalie Allport

Former Team Canada Snowboarder & Creator

 2030 pledge

Spo Ho Xperience™ – Our Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge

Spo Ho Xperience has signed the Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge to demonstrate our commitment to improving the sustainable performance of our event between now and 2030.

We commit to measuring and improving our progress towards becoming a more sustainable event by 2030 in the following ways:

1. By offering education and training to event attendees on climate change and sport, hosting sustainable events, and the importance of prioritizing event sustainability within the sport hosting industry in Canada.

2. By partnering with the event host venue to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Be in the Know About SPOHOX™

Let’s Connect!

SPOHOX™ was simply excellent – from the attendees to the attention to detail and the variety of content available. Thank you for making the two days extremely worthwhile!


Kelly-Ann Paul  |  Canada Games Council

I had a blast at SPOHOX™! It was so much fun. I really liked the Skillz Competition™ & Dinner (the smash truck was my highlight)! I love that I got to meet so many new people. The keynote speakers were all amazing and I enjoyed the table discussions too.


Luca DeMontis | Canadian Blind Hockey

SPOHOX™ is reimagining how we sustain our sport tourism industry in Canada. The event pushes boundaries and gets you outside of your comfort zone, which is necessary for us to innovate. We loved the discussions and people we got to meet who are daring to be changemakers for the Canadian sport landscape!


Chris Charlebois | Tournkey

Thank you for putting on such a professional and interactive event. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Dennis Lowe | Play On!

Thanks to Krista Benoit and the SPOHOX™ team for putting on a great experience. I really enjoyed my time and I am looking forward to going back next year!


Pat Olsen  |  City of Fredericton

Thank you for the awesome opportunity for students at SPOHOX™! I thought the entire event was amazing in allowing us to communicate with professionals in the industry. The Scrums™ we participated in and the knowledge I took away from the entire event is really helpful.


Tye Carswell | Student

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